André Puchta

Press Release on the Grand Show "THE ONE":
(Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin / André Puchta / Director Communication)

"Just 2,000 guests celebrated the Showpremiere of the year in Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin sold out to the last place. The guests of the previous twelve previews in Germany's largest and most famous entertainment theater, THE ONE Grand Show acknowledged with long-lasting applause, cheers and standing ovations.

No wonder the dimensions of the new production are already visibly overwhelming: over 100 artists from 26 nations at the world's largest theater stage, a production budget of more than eleven million euros and 500 crazy costumes by the world star of Parisian haute couture, Jean Paul Gaultier.

A dream comes true for Gaultier this evening: "With THE ONE Grand Show, my creations are brought to life most fantastically. It is the craftsmanship of the studios, the talent of the dancers and artists, and the mind of the director, which makes the entire theater a unique, The One '. "

The Grand Show is an extremely artistic staging in the handwriting of showmaker Roland Welke. Prodigious splendor changes with quiet, poetic and surreal moments. The spectacular lighting design comes from Emmy Award winner Peter Morse, who has already worked for Michael Jackson, Madonna, Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler.

In the play an abandoned Revuetheater is torn from the deep sleep by an underground party. A guest - played by Echo-Prize winner Roman Lob - loses himself in the magical aura of the place. In his inner eye the director of the theater (Brigitte Oelke) at that time awakens the old times. Past and present are blurred in a guard room. More and more, the young man feels the longing for the one person who means everything for us - THE ONE.

Already at the premiere, almost two-thirds of the production costs, namely 7 of 11 million euros, have already been recorded through record ticket sales and pre-sales. "Every new production is an enormous risk, as we put almost all our money on the new production. Now, with the ticket conversions, we are breaking all previous records for the fifth time in a row. My joy and my relief are hardly to be put into words, "says director Berndt Schmidt, who has produced the ONE ONE Grand Show since 2008, just like all the big hits.

Each of the Grand Show (Qi, Yma, SHOW ME, THE WYLD), who was responsible for the show at Schmidt, has been more successful than its predecessors. While Qi still made 23 million euros of ticket sales and reached 541,000 guests, the last production already had revenues of 40.8 million euros and 776,000 guests. The ONE Grand Show will be playing until the middle of July 2018. Tickets are available starting at 19.80 Euros including fees. "

Friedmanns Revue

Jo Berghammer photographed the world premiere of the grand show "THE ONE" in the Friedrichstadt-Palast for Russian lifestyle magazine.
(Berlin 6.10.2016)

Article in the January issue 2017 of the Russian lifestyle magazine "Friedmann´s Revue".
Photos © Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®